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Renaissance attire for your Wedding

One’s wedding day is one particularly special day in anyone’s life. That is why future brides and grooms spend as much of their freely given time for proper preparation. For the purpose of making it even more memorable, some couples choose a secondary theme such as the Renaissance era, for adding an aura of atmosphere.

By selecting a Renaissance-themed wedding means going “all-out” in the type of choices you make in relation to entourage, garland, flowers, the cake and most significantly, the bride’s wedding dress.

A Renaissance wedding gown is famous for exuding beauty and elegance, which makes it ideal for those wanting to catch the spotlight. For this reason, It is also harder to find. For those passionate and enthusiastic enough about their themed wedding, it will all be worth the effort.

The first step in attaining you perfect gown could be to consult with a well-known designer to brainstorming costume ideas. If for financial reasons you decide against designers, it would be suited to seek the help of a friend. Another source of help would be to search online for costume designs, as it certainly provides the greatest diversity in choice available out there. When you are keen on something, it is advisable to always get a second opinion, as it can give you just the convincing or opinion you need to make the right choice.

To fuel our imaginations let’s go back in time to the infamous Romeo and Juliet. If you want to be Juliet, make sure that you are familiar with appropriate settings for it to be convincing. Your Renaissance dress would usually consist of an under dress and an over-drape. This could be a tad uncomfortable, but the elegance radiating from the complete picture will be overwhelming and compensating.

The next step would be to find a pro seamstress, although there are alternatives. For example, by ordering it online, choosing from the widest variety possible consisting of numerous costume retailers, you can be assured of having in on hands in time. These retailers offer Renaissance wedding gowns as well.

The effectiveness and expediency of obtaining a Renaissance dress on the web is also one of the principal reasons why the majority of brides-to-be purchase their wedding gowns in this manner as well. It gives more freedom of choice and better financial options.  If you need a design for your groom or anyone else attending your wedding, that is available too. With all this having been said, you are now ready to start planning this extraordinarily important day. For the purposes of further assisting you, we want to remind that not all online retail stores that sells Renaissance clothing are up to scratch. Make sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy, reputable company that consists of proficiency and skill in the area of Renaissance themed weddings.


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A Guide in Choosing Medieval Clothes Within Your Budget

For a typical modern person who loves party and events, the traditional 16th century renaissance fairs won’t fit for them. Clothing to hairdo were part of the huge comeback from the past and stylists were continually reviving it from outdated to the updated. Everything is just so identical when it comes to fashion and tradition. Renaissance festivals and medieval clothes are making way to our modern world, we must not be wondering why about it.
Medieval costumes that originated from the renaissance-era where labeled by silk fabrics, leather, velvet, rich details and striking hues. looking medieval wardrobe, check this out!

For the Girls

Princess like is so common, female pirate will take you to the top. Wearing a female pirate’s costume would be using images of skulls as accents to your clothes or as accessories; belt buckles and even a really cool pirate sword.

If you don’t feel to go all-out ‘action’, you can go for fairy costumes with wings. Fairies are a good choice especially for young girls and women. In addtion too,an angel or bat costume is a plus.

There are alot of really cool choices to choose from but the more important things is to actually portray the part  flawlessly.

For Men

Men often forget to think that footwears are also essential as their over-all apart from wearing a tunic and a vest for a top. Nomatter how beautiful your suit is if you wear the wrong footwear, people around you who will see it will still be annoyed. Grounds why footwear must be given much value. If you do not want to encounter troubles in choosing footwears, try to use sandals since it  matches any type of clothes. On the other hand, wearing of high leather boots is also recommended as this gives a muscular charm.


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Be Fashionable with Renaissance Clothing

Fan fashion people have observed that today’s fashion was based from the old fashion clothes. Therefore, if you are not thrilled about old fashion dresses, then you don’t get the idea of how it has helped our fashion today.

In the past 16th century, dressing well has already started. Clad in good clothes were both men and women, young and old rich and poor in the past is depicted in the old paintings and portraits that even shows their daily life before. For your information, not all has the same social position, and not all of them has the capability to purchase costly wears. Nevertheless, nomatter how poor and rich people before they were still able to use good garments for them to wear becauses they had a distinct fashion sense. Social status is another factor that affects in dressing up.

Wealth, importance in the society and social status affects men and women’s choice of clothes in the renaissance period. Therefore, rich people acquires fine material of clothing because it is made widely available for them.

In what way does this turn up in the picture?

Have you observe that all our clothes is a reflection of our own social status, much more of our wealth, intentionally or unintentionally? The full picture shows that businessmen wear tux and socialities wear cocktail dresses while ordinary men and women are fond of wearing simply shirts and pants, how can you? describe this?

If you are to become more keen and observant, can you see that the rich deliberately display their diamond studded earrings and gold plated necklaces for everyone to see? Well for me, that’s not a coincidence.

I strongly believe that our fashion in today’s world is a mirror of what was then- of what importance was given to people who are or were wealthier than others. Is their a possibility that these good looking garments came because of mere tradition?


Emerald Gough articles related to medieval dress and medieval dress. You can find more information about renaissance clothing at our web site.